Nachiyar means Devi or Consort of the Lord Narayana. Thirumozhi is holy sayings. Sri Andal, also known by the name Sri Goda Devi gave the Lord both Poomaalai as well as paamaalai. Poomaalai means Garland of Flowers and Paamaalai means garland of Poetry expressing Her longing and love for the Lord. She has sung 30 pasurams or Hymns of Thiruppavai and 143 Pasurams of Thirumozhi. Thiruppavai has been touched upon already. Refer Aandal.

The following are the titles of pasurams ( in groups Of Ten pasurams each ) in which She has put forth the Outpourings on Her love for the Lord.

1 Sri Andal prays to Kamadeva, Lord of Love, to make Lord Krishna to accept Her.

In one of the Pasurams, She says that She has dedicated Her Body solely for the Lord bearing the Discus and Shankham and cannot bear the thought of fixing the marriage with a Human Being. For, She likens the latter event to Desecrating the offering meant for Celestial Devas in a Yaga by a Jackal from the Wild, touching and sniffing it !

2. Andal and friends imagining themselves to be small girls, are playing making castles in sand. In this group of 10 hymns, they plead with the Lord not to damage their creations.

3. Krishna is playing pranks with Gopikas.Andal , one in the group is pleading to have mercy and spare inconvenience to them.

4. Sri Andal is addressing Her Soul to merge with Lord, if it is possible.

5. This group is famous as KUIL PATTHU. In this, Andal is seeking the help of Koel Bird act as Messenger and ask the Lord to come to Her.

In one pasuram, She says that in Anticipation of glancing at the Holy Feet of the Lord of Villiputhur, wherein Swans play with their Soft tread,, Her fishlike eyes are ever awake (without Sleep ). If you call the Lord to come, She says to the koel that She will make Her pet parrot befriend it !

6. This group is Famous VARANAMAYIRAM. In this , Andal is recounting Her dream, in which The Lord is Marrying Her, to a friend. This group is sung with fervour during weddings. This group consists of various rites gone through in a wedding which Andal went through in Her wedding To The Lord ( Dream ) 1. She sees Sriman Narayana coming in a procession with 1000 (ayiram ) Varanam or Elephants. To welcome Him, Purnakumbhams are kept and everywhere thoranam or festoons are used in decoration to welcome Him. Purnakumbham is pot (kudam, here gold kudam ) filled with water and pot’s mouth is covered by a coconut and with bunches of green Mango leaves. This Kumbham or Pot is taken in front of Very important persons, a Guru , Heads of State like King etc. The bearer of Kumbha walks backwards facing the guest never showing his own back to the guest . 2. Andal sees the Lord Govinda entering the decorated wedding pandal for the wedding on the morrow. 3. Indra and other celestials request Her hand for Lord and present the saree sanctified by chanting mantras. Sister of The Lord Goddess Durgai helps Andal to wear bridal saree and decorates Andal with flower garland 4. Priests well versed in Religious rites have brought Water from Holy rivers from all directions. While the priests chant loudly the Mantras in benediction, Lord and Andal are tying Kankana (thread ) to take marriage vows. 5. Young damsels of beauty of age and form are bringing auspicious kalashms and lamps while Lord enters. 6. With auspicious drums beating and blowing of conch I saw ( in dream ) The Lord taking my hand in His, beneath the pandal decked with strings of pearls says Andal. 7. Amidst chanting Matras by priests, I saw the Lord going round the Holy fire holding my hand says Andal. 8. Andal Sees her brothers come and take part in Laja Homam, where brothers of bride come and give Pori or puffed rice for homam in fire by Both wedded couple.9. To ease the discomfiture of exposure to the heat of Agni during Homam couple is anointed with cool Kumkumam paste and Sandal paste and in all finery Andal is going round the decorated city with Lord on an elephant in Procession. 10. This hymn is giving the results of chanting these ten hymns with devotion. They are the reader will get good natured obedient children. Unmarried girls will get a good husband as good as Lord Krishna Himself !

7. This group is on Panchajanyam, Holy Shankham in Lord’s hand . She addresses the conch as the nearest relative of the Lord and enquires about the Lord.

8. In this group, She is sending Clouds as messenger to the Lord.

9. Andal is worshipping Lord at Thirumalirunjolai (near Madurai TamilNadu )

It is in this group that Andal is offering Butter in 100 vessels and Akkaravadishil (Payasam of rice cooked in Milk with jaggery and ghee ) in 100 vessels to Lord of Thirumalirunjolai so the Lord may come in person ! (see notes in Andal where reference is made to Sri Ramanuja making the offering promised in place of Andal. Nooru Thada (vessel ) utsavam is celeberated to this day in Melkote.)

10 Andal speaks of the miseries undergone due to Her love addressing various things in Nature.

11. This group is dedicated to express Her love to Lord of Srirangam

In one of pasurams, She says that in the past, when Mother Earth was submerged in water with moss covering Her all over, to get to Her in mud, Lord of Srirangam took avatar of Sri Varaha ( Wild Boar). He promised then to give protection to all His Devotees. This promise can never be erased ( from Memory ).

12 In this group Andal requests Her people to take Her to the place of the Lord. ( Mathura, Vrindavan of U.P. Dwaraka Of Guj. )

13. This is a beautiful composition. Andal requests Her people to treat Her with things connected closely to Lord so that Her sickness due to love is pacified.

14. Andal is recounting here as She found the Lord in Vrindavan.

In penultimate stanza, Andal finds Him coming hunting. VETTAIYADI VARUVAANAI.. she says. Lord known by name of Betarayaswami is worshipped at temple of Denkanikottai (Thenkanikottai ), near Hosur, in Tamilnadu.